Only the conscientious has meaning.

Conscientious cooking based on respect for ingredients, origin, season and freshness. Because only such cuisine has meaning!

 Ingredients • Preparation method • Approach to the customer

With maximum emphasis on the quality, localness and seasonality, we bring conscientious cuisine, which was really missing here.
We are not afraid of experiments, unique recipes or textures. Everything is subject to the customer’s needs, wishes and requirements.

We have something for everyone.

A team led by Pavel Veltruský, who ranks among the best in his field,
has prepared a menu that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. We are returning to tradition and we take the best of it and move it further,
enriched with elements of world cuisine and even new technologies.
Friendly staff will help you forget the bustle of everyday life for a while and you will enjoy not only an excellent gustatory experience,
but also the perfect service and care for you.

The customer is our top priority. Because it only has meaning for us that way!






Hotel Victory Brno
Vintrovna 35 /443
664 41 Popůvky
Czech Republic
+420 511 146 645
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